Birds are truly captivating pets. Its singing and beautiful plumage are very attractive. There are many different species that can be adapted to all kinds of needs and tastes. But before you decide to have a bird in your home, consider the following aspects.

Life Expectancy

It depends on the species, but it should be noted that birds are usually animals that live for many years.
Parakeets and canaries live up to 15 years, aAgapornisup to 20 years, yacos between 60-70 years and parrots up to 80 years.


Birds are social animals. Therefore, you should not have a single bird because it would be saddened and lead a boring, lonely and painful life. Neither mirrors nor plastic birds nor people can substitute for their fellow creatures, *They tend to live in pairs in large flocks. And couples stay together, in some cases, for the rest of their lives and develop a very intense relationship. In fact, it is very common for a couple of birds to be killed by one of them, and the other one will die of grief later.

Only if the owner has enough time to dedicate to his bird in the tasks of giving him affection, caresses and moments of supervised flight out of the cage, as well as several toys and amusements in his home, he could have only one bird. But it is always recommended to have at least one partner.

When the bird goes into a depression because of the loss of its mate, it stops eating and ends up dying. Avoiding this tragic outcome is very difficult and requires an immense commitment from the owner in the tasks of feeding it by hand and, above all, giving it a lot of love.

Species of the species

There are many species and all with their differences, but the most common are: the canary, the parakeet, the coloured finches, the agapornis, the parrot, the mandarin diamond and the nymph.

Power supply

Adequate food is essential for the bird to enjoy good health and obtain the necessary energy to perform tasks such as singing, rearing and movement in general.
In order for a bird to enjoy its food, a number of basic recommendations need to be made. It is important to clean the dish where you receive the food, as well as the container in which you drink. In addition, the fruits and vegetables provided should be washed to remove pesticide or chemical residues, but more importantly, the appropriate seeds should be provided for each type of bird, which will help maintain a complete and balanced diet.
It should be borne in mind that the type of food (fruit, vegetables, seeds, etc.) will depend on the species of bird.

Bird care

Cages or aviaries should be in a light and sunny place for at least part of the day, but should also provide shade at all times. The best thing is that it is not accessible everywhere to offer birds some protection.

Avoid drafts, unnecessary disturbances (other pets, children) and irregular lighting.

Agapornis sleep in caves and finches in nests, so they require adequate sleeping spaces such as a wicker basket. In all other species of birds, the breeding instinct will be awakened if nests or nesting boxes are placed.

They need a birdbath, food containers and water (fresh at all times).
The birdhouse must have natural branches to accommodate them (prefabricated plastic and wood sticks from the cages must also be replaced). The following types are non-toxic: red fir, white fir, hazel, willow, beech, birch, linden, fruit trees that have not been fumigated.

They should also always have bird litter, either on the ground or on a tray. Birds require additional lime in the form of cuttlefish bones or special limestones. In specialized shops, you will find the right food for each species, but you should always offer them variation and distractions (corn on the cob, ears of grain, wild seeds, shoots, etc.).


It should be noted that both the beak and the nails of the birds are in continuous growth. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that, by means of daily exercise (with branches and cuttlefish or special limestones), the bird wears them down and they are in the right size.

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