Don’t know where to start brushing your pet’s coat and how to do it? All the interesting information about how to brush a dog’s hair you will find in this article.

Although many owners do not care about canine hair, this part of the body should be treated frequently. The hygiene of our home and that of our pet will depend on how often we brush the animal’s hair.

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Failure to brush a dog’s hair regularly results in an accumulation of dead hair that is constantly falling off and a greater likelihood of parasites appearing on the dog’s body.

We give you all the keys so that you don’t have any problems when treating your pet’s coat!


Before explaining in detail how to brush a dog’s hair, it is advisable to know a series of tips that will make it easier for you to take care of your dog’s coat. Consider the following recommendations:

Brushing your dog’s hair frequently
Treating the animal’s hair regularly will help us to remove any remaining dead hair from it. By investing this time in the care of the coat, we will considerably reduce the enormous amount of hair that these animals release -especially in the molting season.

Descubre why your dog’s hair falls out.

How to brush a dog’s hair

Another reason why we recommend frequent brushing is the continuous inspection of the hair and skin of the dog. By periodically checking the animal’s body, ticks or fleas can be detected in the animal. Learn all about ticks in dogs.

Finally, it should be noted that combing the hair of a dog significantly reduces the bad odor that can be released. For this reason, brushing will allow the dog to stay clean longer after it has been bathed.

Starting grooming when you’re a puppy
Many dogs, especially if they are not accustomed to this practice, are restless and restless every time they brush their fur. In this type of case, canine hair care becomes very complicated.

For this reason, we at MASCOTA Y SALUD recommend that this practice is carried out from the moment the dog is a puppy. In this way, the animal will get used to it and will not put any complications on us in its adult stage.

The dog senses a kind of massage when he’s being groomed, so it’s likely to end up looking forward to brushing time!

Combing his hair since he’s a puppy

Choosing the right brush for your hair type
Within the market of combs for dogs, there are two types of combs: combs with natural bristles and combs with rubber-plastic bristles. In dogs with long hair, we recommend using the first ones because they do not cause static electricity in the canine hair and allow it to remain in a smoother and more frizzy state.

However, in other cases, the comb with plastic bristles will be more useful to remove the dead hair that the dog stores.

Dog grooming comb


When brushing the hair of a dog, we must take into account the size and characteristics of the dog. We will not use the same brush on short hairs as on long and medium hairs. The frequency will also vary from case to case. Here is some more specific information:

How to brush a short-haired dog
When combing a dog with short hair, the most suitable brush will be the one that contains rubber bristles – it is also correct to use mittens made of the same material. These types of combs allow the removal of dead hair without causing injury or discomfort to the animal.

Normally, two to three weekly brushes are sufficient to ensure proper hair hygiene. Within this family of dogs, we find breeds such as the Chihuahua, Boxer, Dalmatian, and Doberman.

Brush short-haired dog

How should we groom a dog with short hair? First, it is advisable to comb a couple of times in the direction of the coat – we would end up with a good dose of the dead coat. Then, it is convenient to brush against hair, so that the animal’s skin can be massaged and any dead cells can be removed.


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