You might think that vitamin supplements are a little bit out of the subject, which speaks of heart health. But they are not. Various vitamins have been tested for their importance to heart health. Vitamin B6 is related to the reduction of heart attacks in women. It is known that vitamin C helps to lower blood pressure. Vitamin D and vitamin E were also mentioned during the discussion on heart health.

How to find out which and how many vitamin supplements to take?

We have a government RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance). We also have other recommendations from various experts. Some experts believe that some of the government’s RDA numbers are inaccurate. Most experts recommend that you try to get as much vitamins and minerals from food as possible. And many recommend the addition of supplements to fill gaps where you can’t get enough of these nutrients from foods.

I’ve always thought that if I don’t get what I need from food, it makes sense to take vitamin supplements. As I continue to learn more about what our food contains, I am increasingly convinced that we need supplements. I am also more concerned and confused about the quality of supplements. More on this subject below.

Here is a short list of supplements that I have seen recommended. Especially for heart health.

– Multivitamin

– Vitamin D (2000IU or more, up to 8000IU)

– Omega 3 supplements for fish oil (1 to 3 grams of DHA and EPA)

– Vitamin C and vitamin E supplements, if the multivitamin is short on these

How to find out which brand of vitamin supplements to buy

If you take supplements that don’t work, you only waste time and money. So you want that to be true.

Think about it. If you take the same supplements for many years just to find out that they do not contain any nutrients or your system cannot absorb these nutrients, this is a waste of time and money. And you have also lost the health benefits that you could otherwise achieve with better supplements or food!

You need to know which supplements work. And that doesn’t. Finding the answer is not easy.

When you search for reviews of supplements you will find websites that claim to have been reviewed. They provide their results with a chart that ranks the best by the worst. Sometimes, looking closer, you will also notice that these websites are selling supplements too. And of course what they sell is usually recommended. Reviews are only part of the picture. Studies covering actual documented cases are very difficult to do. There are so many variables involved.

These reports seem to be based on consumer assessments. This is not a scientific study. Some information is given on this website, but the full report is available here at supplement review.

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